Water Filter - 3 Stage Counter-Top (Portable, No plumber needed)

Water Filter - 3 Stage Counter-Top (Portable, No plumber needed)

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This 3-stage countertop water filter purifier is perfect for travelers and does not require a plumber to install. It includes a polypropylene filter, carbon activated filter, and carbon block filter, which effectively removes sand, silt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals, some pesticides, and other large particles while also improving the taste and smell of the water. The faucet is connected to the purifier for easy installation and no need for countertop drilling. Additional features include a compact and portable design, low maintenance cost, and a 3-year warranty. Plus, swapping out filters is a breeze.


Stages of filtration:

Stage 1

Filter: Polypropylene

Function: Removing sand, mud, rust, sediment, etc. in water

Stage 2

Filter: Granular activated carbon

Function: Removing chlorine, lime, lead, etc. in water

Stage 3

Filter: Activated Carbon Block

Function: removing chemicals and impurities from water

Filter Maintenance:

It is recommended to replace the filters every 10 - 12 months depending on the quality of the water source.

Shipping Dimensions

Height: 33cm / Length: 41cm / Width: 12cm / Weight: 5kg