About us

Tristella is an advanced technology company that uses innovative techniques and a bio-mimicry process to impart naturally optimized resonance into products.

The subtle vibrations and resonance of the products creates coherence in the molecular structure of living tissue – with many benefits such as proper hydration to the body/cells, improved vitality, pain relief, EMF mitigation, etc.


There are applications for agriculture and animal husbandry – with many results showing the efficacy.


Using advanced technology, through an electro-magnetic treatment chamber, we expose substances or objects to a field of computer generated geometric patterns, sound, light and vibration. Mimicking the rhythms of nature, creating a state of coherence or structure in the molecules of any substance or object that is placed in the chamber. This can be anywhere from an 8hr process to a 42hr process dependent on the type of materials. These objects or substances then have unique subtle energies that provide many benefits to all living beings. Plants, Animals and humans.


People, plants and animals have benefitted hugely

  • It is non-chemical based.
  • It is natural
  • Improvements in performance, stamina and recovery.
  • Improved Hydration
  • Improved Vitality
  • Improved Balance

Benefits summarized

  • It’s Totally Natural
  • Creates Cellular Coherence
  • Is Naturally Anti-aging
  • Reduces Stress
  • Reduces Pain
  • Structures Drinking Water
  • Improves Vitality / Performance /Recovery


  • Natural Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry

The Technology:

It is a bio-mimicry process that imparts naturally optimized resonances into materials. It is safe, green, and natural.

Tristella treatment processes turn ordinary materials into novel and unique items.

Taking good products and make them GREAT


  • Unique Audio Techniques
  • “Electromagnetic Tempering”
  • Unique Development Software
  • Using unique software to create corresponding acoustics from geometry and movement.

With this Bio-mimicry, products induce sympathetic subtle vibrations in the animal, plant or human body - to enhance life processes and health.



It is a bio-mimicry process that imparts naturally optimized resonances into materials.
Tristella uses proprietary frequency techniques to create subtle energy products.

These processes can best be described as “electromagnetic tempering”, but the science can be named as follows:

SVP = Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
(borrowed from the Dale Pond Institute )
We also use the following to aptly describe the processes :

  • NOR = Naturally Optimized Resonance
  • OGR = Optimized Geometric Resonance

These types of Materials can be Optimized: