Subtle Energy Products

Subtle Energy Products

Water Discs, Herbal Capsules, and Water Filter

Why use the Water structuring Disk and other Tristella items

  • The structure of water is far more important than the chemical composition.
  • The structure of water means how its molecules are organized, we can see how water molecules join together into groups. These are called clusters.
  • Scientists came up with the idea that these clusters work as a memory cells, in which water records the whole history in its relationship with the world.
  • The water of coarse remains water, but its structure like a nervous system reacts to any irritation.
  • Modern instruments have made it possible to record the fact that with in each of waters memory cells there a 444000 information panels. The stability of the cluster structures confirm the hypothesis that water is capable of recording and storing information.
  • The water in many systems in cities is a closed looped system. Running through many WASTE water treatment facilities, taking right hand turns, rigidly flowing through chaotic plumbing, breaking down the molecular structure of water.
  • Water in nature goes through many natural curves and influenced by natural composites picking up the information of nature and its coherent energy flow.

Water Disks can be used:

  • under your glass as a coaster
  • under you water dispenser (permanently)
  • in the fridge
  • in the bath
  • and more

Select a product to learn more about it, use the herbal capsule as a on the body, portable, water structuring device.