CT1 Filter - KDF Carbon (Countertop Water Filter)

CT1 Filter - KDF Carbon (Countertop Water Filter)

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KDF filter media can reduce or remove lead, mercury, iron, hydrogen sulfide, calcium carbonate, magnesium, chromium, chlorine, bacteria, fungi, algae, and more.

Connects to end of faucet and sits on counter-top

Easy to install – Requires no plumber
Easy to remove and transport – Good for people who rent
Specifically designed for use with bacteriologically safe municipal water
Bacteriostatic – Prevents bacteria growth
Removes hundreds of contaminants
Improves taste and colour
Eliminates odours

Benefits and Recommended Uses:

Counter-top – Good for tenants
Entry level product – Very affordable
Replaceable cartridge – Very cost effective
Replaceable cartridge – Easy maintenance

KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, it’s a filter media that contains high-purity copper-zinc granules to reduce contaminants in water through a redox reaction – oxidation or reduction.

The KDF process media is often used in water treatment solutions to reduce heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine