Vibration to well-being

Innovation - Vibration - Hydration

Tristella incorporates innovative techniques using technology, a bio-mimicry process, to impart naturally optimized resonance into products. These combined treatment processes can be best described as “electromagnetic tempering”

The subtle vibrations and resonance of the products creates coherence in the molecular structure of living tissue – with many benefits such as proper hydration to the body/cells, improved vitality, pain relief can vary and EMF mitigation. There are many applications for agriculture and animal husbandry – with many results showing the efficacy.

Using advanced technology, through a treatment chamber, we expose substances or objects to a field of computer generated geometric patterns, sound, light and vibration. Mimicking the rhythms of nature, creating a state of coherence or structure in the molecules of any substance or object that is placed in the chamber. This can be anywhere from an 8hr process to a 48hr process dependent on the type of materials. These objects or substances then have unique subtle energies that provide many benefits to all living beings. Plants, Animals and humans.


  • Balance and Vitality Restored
  • Pain Relief levels can vary and is normally within 20min to 24hrs
  • Cellular Coherence(proper oxygen absorption into the cell)
  • Hydration on a cellular level
  • EMF mitigation for cellphones, Wi-Fi, electrical appliances etc.
  • By placing a treated Water Disc next to a glass of water, we can create coherence in the molecular structure of that water - resulting in better absorption into the cell when consumed. 

Water is the driving force of all life. Can water take on the info/energy of its surrounding?  

If your body contains majority water and water reacts to words and intention…
How does the water in your BODY react to your vocabulary, thoughts and actions
 –  is there a hidden element of health here ?

Nutrient Absorption - The Molecular Structure of Food and Water  

Liquids in the human body have a specific coherent structure. The saliva in the mouth is very coherent and organized as the saliva is the first step of absorption and digestion of liquids and solids into the body. Most liquids and solid foods have a chaotic or disorganized structure when compared to the saliva and other liquids in the human body.

When a foreign liquid or solid with chaotic structure is exposed to the highly structured saliva and cells of the mouth, the smell and taste buds are stimulated to send messages to the brain. These messages state that the liquids or solids have an acerbic, or tart, residual smell, or taste. When the brain receives the message "acerbic" or "tart", the cells throughout the digestive system go into action in an attempt to create structure in the newly entered liquids or solids that have chaos at the molecular level.

If the newly entered liquids or solids are not structured, the human cells will struggle to absorb the fluids or solids fully. The unstructured liquids or solids are sloughed off and eliminated through the kidneys or intestine or negatively stored in the body with no benefit to the individual.


Countless dis-eases and negative health conditions are primarily due to individuals being chronically dehydrated and/or not absorbing critical nutrients because the liquids they drink and the solids they eat are extremely chaotic at the molecular level - they are not being adequately assimilated by the body due to this chaos.