Shungite Products (EMF)

Shungite Products (EMF)

Genuine Shungite from the Shunga Mine Karelia Province - Russia

Shungite, in all forms, has been shown to mitigate the effects of EMF/5G, and hence we have chosen this material in offering a new range of Elfet treated products.

All Tristella Earth Shungite has been through our (NOR) Naturally Optimized Resonance chamber for a 24 hour treatment process. This makes our Shungite unique worldwide as it emanates subtle vibrations that resonate with organic materials sympathetically. 

This adds to the Shungites properties, making it a fascinating item that you wont find anywhere else in the world.

The uniqueness of Shungite stems from the presence of hollow molecular carbon cages known as fullerenes - embedded within in the rock. Shungite is an EMF mitigation stone, the quartz matrix is a natural composite that also has micro sized metal particles that help with the absorption and dispersion of EMF waves.

All Tristella Shungite has been through our chamber for a 24 hour treatment process, resulting in our Shungite carrying coherent subtle vibrations, adding to its efficacy.

Directions : Clean with a soft brush and running water. Place 4 - 5 pebbles in approximately 10 litres (or less) drinking water - wait at least 30min before drinking, the longer the better. Leave in container permanently and top up water each day. Clean Elite Shungite 'pebs' weekly.

Notice : NO product will stop radiation from phones and towers. These Shungite products have been well researched for their EMF mitigating effects - in other words, they reduce the negative impact of EMF. The best plan of action, is to avoid exposure and time spent in environments with high EMF.