Water Filtration


Filter Your Water

If we could access a natural spring each day and reap our own balanced, clean, vortexed, energized, structured water that is unprocessed by man, directly from a spring, then it would be the most ideal way to hydrate ourselves. To do so, would be to drink from the source of this Earth each day.


As many of us don’t have the time or mean to access a spring, we may need to drink or bathe in tap water, if we don’t have a good water filter, then our body will become the filter and this can lead to dis-ease or sickness. To own a good water filter and having clean structured quality water is the foundation of longevity and health.


Many of us are spending money on plastic bottled water that contains fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants. This is not only harmful to our body, but to our planet, as we are creating the demand to produce more plastic. By purchasing a home water filter, we will reduce waste and we will save money. It is worth the investment, our friends and family will all benefit! Every being deserves the very best source of Water, ‘the elixir of life’. 



Remember, filtered water is still dead, flat, chaotic and often mineral-depleted. So after filtration, you will still need to structure and balance your water.



See our KDF Carbon Water Filter. Click on the image below.