Questions Answered

Q: How do I know it works?

A: There are various tests one can carry out, where you will find the proof in the pudding. One of our favorites, a taste test with freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

methods of demonstrating

Q: How does a Treated product work?

Very simply put - Subtle vibrations emit from the treated material, that mimic natures natural vibrations. These vibrations help your body or plants or animals to function more optimally. They can also structure your water/liquids. Many benefits in various industry's. 

Q. How long does a Treated product hold its charge, in other words, for how long is it effective?

A. Most treated products have a life-span of at least 3-5 years – in the case of Cell phone discs, these are only effective for about 9 months on a mobile phone.

Q. Why is stainless steel used?

A. It does not tarnish like other metals. Furthermore, we have found that customers use these for many different applications – stainless steel is easiest to wash and clean for continued use.

Q. What happens if I drop the disc? Can it be adversely affected in any way?

A. Nothing will happen to the properties of the treated Disc when it is dropped.

It will not work if it is melted, or something is welded, or soldered onto it – the excessive heat will change the treatment properties.

Q. Are the effects of using the treated products long lasting? Or do they merely relieve symptoms temporarily?

A. The treated products are no different to any other form of medication or treatment, in the sense that it is never the medication or the treatment alone that will bring about the desired result, or even eliminate the cause of the disorder.
Healing must always be considered from a holistic point of view and the Treated Products represents only part of a much bigger healing picture – body, mind and spirit. True healing will only come about when people are prepared to make the personal shifts and changes that are required
e.g. hydration, diet, exercise, mindset, habits, prayer & faith, self-love, natural medication, etc.