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Water is essential for our overall health and well-being. It plays a vital role in maintaining proper bodily functions and keeping us hydrated. However, not all water is created equal. Structured water, also known as "hexagonal water" or "EZ water," is gaining recognition for its unique properties and potential health benefits. Structured water refers to water that has been organized at a molecular level, forming a hexagonal structure. This structured arrangement allows water molecules to align and interact more efficiently with our cells, enhancing their ability to absorb and utilize water. So, why is drinking structured water important for hydration?

Improved Cellular Hydration

Structured water has been found to have a higher bioavailability, meaning it is more easily absorbed by our cells. This enhanced absorption leads to improved cellular hydration, allowing our cells to function optimally. Proper cellular hydration is crucial for maintaining healthy bodily functions, including digestion, circulation, and temperature regulation.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

When our cells are properly hydrated, they can better absorb and utilize essential nutrients from the foods we eat. Structured water facilitates nutrient absorption, ensuring that our bodies receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health.

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Improved Detoxification

Structured water has been shown to have a higher ability to carry waste materials out of our cells and tissues. This enhanced detoxification process helps rid our bodies of harmful toxins and supports overall detoxification pathways, promoting better overall health.

Increased Energy and Vitality

Proper hydration is essential for maintaining energy levels and promoting vitality. Drinking structured water can help optimize cellular function, leading to increased energy production and improved overall vitality.

Water is...

  • A major constituent of ALL organic life
  • Body = +-70% water
  • All life as we know it – flowing as Sap, Lymph or Blood
  • Second to breath, water is the most important physical requirement for our bodies
  • Is ALIVE
  • Is a Universal Solvent
  • Is an extremely important commodity – for all natural life processes
  • Is a vehicle for delivering life sustaining nutrients and eliminating waste and toxins
  • Comes from different sources –
    springs, rivers, dams etc

Water is not good for you if it contains

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride or other added sterilizers
  • Surfactants or other added chemicals
  • Effluents and waste

Water is not

  • taken seriously as a living life essential
  • just a chemical compound (H & O)
  • lifeless nor inorganic
  • consumed NEARLY ENOUGH !!

The Structure of Water

  • The structure of water is far more important than the chemical composition.
  • The structure of water means how its molecules are organized, we can see how water molecules join together into groups. These are called clusters.
  • Scientists came up with the idea that these clusters work as a memory cells, in which water records the whole history in its relationship with the world.
  • The water of coarse remains water, but its structure like a nervous system reacts to any irritation.
  • Modern instruments have made it possible to record the fact that with in each of waters memory cells there a 444000 information panels. The stability of the cluster structures confirm the hypothesis that water is capable of recording and storing information.
  • The water in many systems in cities is a closed looped system. Running through many WASTE water treatment facilities, taking right hand turns, rigidly flowing through 'unnatural' plumbing flow forms, breaking down the molecular structure of water.
  • Water in nature goes through many natural curves and influenced by natural composites picking up the information of nature and its coherent energy flow.

Second to breath, water is the most important physical requirement for our bodies. water is a universal solvent and its solvent properties affect all life on earth, making water universally important to all of us. Drinking structured water, makes an excellent pair with our kidneys. They do a good job in keeping us healthy and alive. The kidneys role is to filter out harmful substances in the body, mainly from the food and drink we consume these days, but after the kidneys accumulate these substances we need to clear them out. This is where water helps our body tremendously. Being such a wonderful universal solvent, water washing through the kidneys dissolves these substances resulting in detoxification.


Resonance Electromagnetic Treatment Chamber

How to Structure Water

While there are various methods and devices available to structure water, one simple way to structure water is through vortexing. Vortexing involves swirling water in a circular motion, mimicking the natural movement of water in rivers and streams. This swirling motion helps align water molecules and creates a structured arrangement.

More effectively, structure your water with The Water ORB Resonator. For optimal cellular hydration, it is important to present the cells with clean Structured Water

How to Structure your water using The Water ORB Resonator 

Place the Water ORB Resonator beneath or touching any drinking container of water or liquid. After 5 minutes, the liquid/water will be structured at a molecular level, resulting in softer and smoother taste, improving hydration to the cells when consumed.
Water being structured on a water disc resonator


Now hydrate with coherently charged filtered water. Smell and Taste the difference.

(NB! FILTER 1st then STRUCTURE 2nd!)

Hydrate with the best water available, eg. clean spring water. If that is not available, then it is crucial to filter your municipal tap water and then treat with The Water ORB Resonator before consuming.

The Water ORB Resonator and Food

A look at Treated salt vs non treated salt:

When used with organic(biological) foods and liquids, The Water ORB Resonator promotes an immediate and thorough absorption of all nutrients and minerals in the digestive system. This process encourages longevity benefits. Not only can we structure the liquids we drink, but also the foods we eat. Fruit and vegetables contain high percentages of water and consuming them is another form of hydrating the body. The Water ORB Resonator will dramatically improve the taste, smell and absorption of most food and liquids. 

A smooth smell or taste of a liquid or solid indicates the liquid or solid has a similar molecular structure to the human body. The Water ORB Resonator can be used for treating water for pets & other animals.

Avoid using dead water!

  • Filter Water for Less Chemicals, effluents and odors. (Or your body becomes the filter
  • Structure water for optimal hydration.
  • Water Quality and Structure is Vital.
  • Water is the basis of ALL life
  • Reduce consumption of plastic bottled water, microplastics and PFAS leach into water, contaminating the water.

For best results, The Water ORB Resonator should be used in union with our Suggested Hydration Protocol


Suggested Water Protocol!

Daily recommended intake quantity – 1.5 liters of water per 50 kg body weight – minimum.

  • Drink 2 glasses of water half an hour before meals (this provides free water for digestion).
  • Have very little or no water – during and for the 2hrs after meals.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water & a pinch of sea salt (Celtic Grey Salt - if possible) before going to sleep and 2-3 glasses of water upon waking.
  • 1/4 tsp of Salt needed per every liter of water consumed – this is on/in your food. Careful not to exceed this ratio.
  • Drink freely between these periods.
  • If water intake has been low (normally in the elderly), increase amount slowly until urinary excretion roughly matches intake.
  • Remember to drink water in the winter as this is when most people become ill.



Hydration is the cornerstone and pathway to a healthier life. Water structure is as important as quantity consumed. Quantity and quality need special attention.

 The Water ORB Resonator has been treated in a unique electro-magnetic treatment chamber for over 24 Hours. This biomimetic treatment process is totally safe – mimicking nature’s powerful & logical rhythms. The subtle energy fields of the Water ORB Resonator creates a coherent structure in any liquid within a few minutes.


Subtle vibrations emanate from the Water ORB Resonatorand living/organic tissue resonates sympathetically to it.


The Water ORB Resonator Taste Test:


Make sure the liquid to be tested is kept at least 4 meters away from The Water ORB Resonator before testing begins

  • Pour a 1/4 glass of freshly squeezed lemon, tap water, fruit juice, red wine or coffee
  • Place a second 1/4 glass of the same liquid onto the water disc – and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Smell and taste the differences between the treated and untreated liquid.
  • The treated liquid will have a smoother taste and less “after-bite” than the untreated liquid. The changes in smell and taste are an indicator that the liquid has been structured

Delving into Laboratory Test results of The Water ORB Resonator and the effects on water.

Laboratory Analysis of Water :

The effects of the technology were tested in a reputable Laboratory in Bucharest.

Hofigal (a manufacturer of supplements for Europe) has shown how exposure to the technology affects the water.

At a max of 1 hour, the conductivity of the water was elevated to a point that implies the water had been energized – and this in turn would be beneficial in the areas of cellular absorption and the neutralization of free radicals.



water orb resonator

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