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Water is critical to blood oxygen content, circulation volume and digestion. Poor water quality can have a negative effect on pregnancy rates and fetal development. Embryonic development can be impacted by water quality – potentially to a lethal extent.

We can provide clean and chemical-free protocols and products to your animals for Natural Vitality, Improved Production and Well-being


We can achieve:

  • Increased Production and Yields
  • Healthier Animals
  • Improved production is GREEN. 


  • Improved Milk Production - Less cows for the same Qty of milk.
  • Improved Animal Health - eg. Healthier Animals stay in dairy longer.
  • Improved Performance
  • Improve Hydration
  • Support the Animal


  • Filter water & Structure Water - for Better Hydration & Better Health
  • Support Animals with Treated Tags, Belts, Chains, Straps - (improved cellular coherence)
  • Different items for different animals.


Could the quality of water have an effect on reproduction and milk production?

Like humans, structured water hydrates our bodies on a cellular level and this applies to animals as well.

The bloodstream is responsible for supplying the embryo with 100 percent of its oxygen supply. If that oxygen supply is compromised, it can make pregnancy check day a less than enjoyable experience.

Cows and water


Dairy – Artificial insemination

  • From 45% increase in conception rates – compared to existing insemination techniques, confirmed PD’s

This means:

  • More calves
  • Less money on AI

 milk production

Dairy  Milk production

This means :

  • More milk
  • More profit
  • NATURALLY & with NO Hormones

 Approximately 15% increase in milk production.


 Products for increased milk Production

  1. Filtered water to be made available to the animals. (Filtered water will have odours and other elements eliminated, making it more appealing to animals )
  2. Tristella Water Disc to be placed into the filtered water in troughs of up to 1 000 litres. (This will structure the water so that the animals can hydrate properly)
  3. Bovine Collar needs to be placed around the animal’s neck –transponders & other ID can be placed on collars as well. (This improves the animal’s state of health and vitality)




Animal hydration

When it comes to your dog's nutrition, water is even more important than protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

When dogs don't drink enough water or if they lose too much water, they become dehydrated. Older dogs and dogs that are sick, pregnant, or nursing can get dehydrated easily.


How to check your Dog for dehydration:

Lift the skin on the back between your dog's shoulders. It should sink back to its normal place right away.
Gently press on your dog's gums until the pressure creates a light spot. The normal color should come back right away when you remove your finger. Also the gums should feel slick and moist


Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Little energy
  • No interest in eating
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry mouth


animal hydration

Like humans, structured water hydrates our bodies on a cellular level and this applies to animals as well

Benefits for Pets:

  • Balance and vitality restored
  • Proper hydration means healthier body
  • By wearing a Tristella Pet Pendant on the collar – shorter recovery time
  • Cellular coherence – more energy through the day, proper oxygen absorption into the cell


Experiment with your pets… Cats, especially, are fussy when it comes to drinking water. If given the option of ordinary tap water and filtered tap water, they will instinctively drink the healthier water. Place a bowl of structured tap water and a bowl of ordinary tap water and take note which bowl is finished first.



An experiment was conducted on goats for milk production. As you can see below the results were phenomenal. 'Group A' had the best response.