Biofield Resonator - Stainless Steel Tube

Biofield Resonator - Stainless Steel Tube

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The Biofield Resonator is a revolutionary device that uses a unique method of restoring balance to the biofield. Through the subtle vibrations emanated by the stainless steel capsule, balance and well-being can be achieved
The Botanical Contents, Rose Quarts Crystal and Stainless steel Capsules have undergone our NOR (Naturally Optimized Resonance) treatment process.

Using advanced biomimetic technology, we have embedded coherent subtle vibrations into these materials with selected natural geometries and standing scalar-wave fields.

These pendants have the unique ability to create balance and coherence in organic or living tissue by resonating sympathetically to them.

The Bio-field Resonator can even improve the smell and taste of most liquids, when in contact with the that liquid for 5 to 10 minutes . Place in contact for 5 to 10 minutes to create a accelerate a coherent field in the organic material. Structure your drinking water.

Botanical Contents: (the following has been mixed and therefore; not for consuming due to the quartz crystal)

Artemisia Afra Main uses: cough, colds, influenza, but also fever, loss of appetite, colic, headache, earache, malaria, intestinal worms and more. Anti-microbial, Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory.

Mullein - Aids Urinary Incontinence, Improves Joint Function, Soothe Skin, Cold Sores and Hemorrhoids, Helps Breathing, May Reduce Goiter, Increase Lymph Flow, Relieve Ear Aches.

Moringa - 25% plant protein including all 9 essential amino acids, 24% fibre, A rich source of iron, vitamin K & E, A source of vitamin A & calcium, High in antioxidants.

Rose Quarts promoting gentle self-love and compassion, Rose Quartz has a beautiful calming effect that can help to soften any harsh energy present. It removes negative energy from the environment and replaces it with loving and positive vibrations. It helps to increase empathy while also assisting with the acceptance of the needed change. It helps alleviate feelings of overwhelming or unreasonable guilt, and it is an excellent stone for dealing with a mid-life crisis.