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Tristella strives to supply innovative techniques to improve the growth and vitality of plants in a natural way. Using an advanced Biomimicry Technology and Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP), we help to create a more wholesome food and plant production. There many methods to implementing protocols for all, big scale or small growers.


When exposing the bio-field of an organism (eg. plants) to Tristella's products, energy flow increases and the system can function more optimally, resulting in over all vitality of those organisms. All our naturally optimized resonance products structures water by emanating coherent subtle vibrations that resonate with water, resulting in a coherent structure at the molecular level.


With many protocols in place and with significant results, we are ready to get started.

How to implement:


Wine Protocols:


We can achieve.

  • Vitalizing of Seeds
  • Improved Irrigation
  • Better Propagation
  • Increased production and Yields
  • Vitality restored in foods
  • Longer Shelf Life

Applications: various protocols and treated products to implement into  production...

  • Treat Seedling Trays, jiffy's, rock wool, pots
  • Treat water (Structure water with Water Disc and Spiraled Copper/Stainless steel rods)
  • Treated Seeds
  • Treated markers and bags
  • (Support protocols in place during maturation)
  • Treated irrigation inserts
  • Treat spray nossil's for drip irrigation
  • Treat Seeds

Many trials and research has taken place in the agricultural industry showing great results in many types of agriculture:

  • Horticulture
  • Hydroponics
  • Vertical Farming
  • Aquaponics
  • and more..
  • Implementation can take place on any irrigation setup


Water is not good for you or your plants if it contains

  • Fluoride or other added sterilizers
  • Surfactants or other added chemicals
  • Effluents and waste

These above factors can be harmful to your plants and harmful to humans

 Structured Water

Using Structured Water has truly incredible agricultural results. Unlike most water being used in agricultural applications, structured water benefits have been noted by many farmers and gardeners to include healthier plants, trees, gardens and crops, it boosts yields, increased biomass to name but a few. 


Benefits of treated products:

  • Healthier plants, trees, gardens, and crops
  • Boosts yields, increased biomass
  • Increase in Brix levels
  • Increase in shelf life of produce and cut flowers
  • Plants that are more drought resistant, tolerate higher temperatures, and use less water
  • Plants that have a lower freezing point and can sustain lower temperatures
  • Increased energy – food that is truly nutritious and energizing
  • Increased bioavailability of nutrients – less fertilizer use
  • Decreased seed germination time – less time from seed to harvest
  • Less infection and disease – lessens pesticide use
  • More pest resistant due to plant health
  • Makes water more bioavailable to plants and soil microbes – less water needed, less electricity to run irrigation systems
  • Improves environment for microbes in soils
  • Saves on inputs – fertilizers, pesticides, water, electricity for irrigation
  • Minimizes calcium and mineral buildup – save on equipment lifespan and labour to clean
  • Minimizes environmental pollution

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Below was an experiment run at Metro Organics Farm in Noordhoek.

Farmer: Graham Clack

Plant of choice for structured water and organic plant experiment: Radishes (supplied by Metro Organics)

Implementation of Naturally Optimized Resonance items treated by Tristella


Planned set up:













The following experiment below was carried out by one of our customers that bought a Structured Water Disc and wanted to see the efficacy for himself. He placed the Structured Water Disc beneath one of the jars of mung beans, when making sprouts. He could not believe the results and came back to us with the image below. His comment was that he would never do sprouts again without his Structured Water Disc incorporated.

Normal unfiltered tap water was used in both jars, see the differences!

Anyone can try this at home and takes about a week or less.