Improve Hydration and the Quality of Water!


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Place the Structured Water Coaster/Disc beneath or touching any drinking container of water or liquid, thereafter 3-5 minutes the liquid or water will be structured at a molecular level and the surface tension lowered. Resulting in proper hydration when consumed.


The Structured Water Coaster/Disc promotes the immediate and thorough absorption of all nutrients in the digestive system. This process encourages long-term health benefits. Not only can we structure the liquids we drink, but also the food we eat. Fruit and Vegetables contain very high percentages of water and is another form of hydrating the body. The Structured Water Coaster/ Disc will dramatically improve the taste, smell and absorption of any liquid or food. As we absorb water through the skin (our biggest organ), we can incorporate the Structured Water Coaster/Disc in our bath as well.

A smooth smell or taste of a liquid or solid indicates the liquid or solid has a similar molecular structure to the human body. The Structured Water Coaster/Disc can safely be used for treating of water for pets & other animals.


  • Water Quality and Structure is Vital
  • Less Chemicals and Odours
  • Structured for best Hydration
  • Vortex Flow forms
  • Basis of ALL life
  • Improved Performance


Avoid using Dead Water!

How To Structure Your Water

Treat your drinking water by placing a Structured Water Disc in/under a glass or jug for approximately 3-5 minutes or leave the Structured Water Disc permanently in/under the water dispenser.

The Water Disc will improve the taste and smell of water, wine, juices, diary & most liquids.

Note: Drink the best water available (eg. Spring Water) or at least filter the tap water and then treat with a Structured Water Disc. To find a water spring near you or to submit a water spring location, visit :

For best results, the Structured Water Disc should be used in conjunction with a Suggested Hydration Protocol. (see Suggested Hydration Protocol below) 



Hydration is the cornerstone and pathway to a healthier life. Water structure is as important as quantity consumed. The most important step of all. Quantity and Quality of water needs special attention.


For optimal cellular hydration, it is important to present cells with structured water.


Our specially treated Structured Water Discs can structure water.


The Tristella Structured Water Disc has been treated in a unique electro-magnetic treatment chamber for over 24 Hours. This advanced technology treatment process is totally safe – mimicking nature’s powerful & logical rhythms. The subtle energy fields of the Tristella treated Structured Water Disc creates structure in any liquid within a few minutes. Coherent subtle vibrations emanate from the Structured Water Disc, and living/organic tissue resonates sympathetically to it


Tristella Taste Test:

Make sure the liquid to be tested is kept at least 4 meters away from the Structured Water Disc before testing begins

  • Pour a 1/4 glass of freshly squeezed lemon, tap water, fruit juice, red wine or coffee
  • Place a second 1/4 glass of the same liquid onto the water disc – and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Smell and taste the differences between the treated and untreated liquid.
  • The treated liquid will have a smoother taste and less “after-bite” than the untreated liquid. The changes in smell and taste are an indicator that the liquid has been structured

Suggested Hydration Protocol:

Daily recommended intake quantity – 1.5 litres of water per 50 kg body weight – minimum.

  • Drink 2 glasses of water ½ hour before meals (this provides free water for digestion).
  • Have very little or no water – during and for 2hrs after meals.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water & a pinch of sea salt before going to sleep and 2-3 glasses of water upon waking.
  • 1/4 tsp of Salt needed per every liter of water consumed – this is on/in your food. Careful not to exceed this ratio.
  • Drink freely between these periods.
  • If water intake has been low (normally in the elderly), increase amount slowly until urinary excretion roughly matches intake.
  • Remember to drink water in the winter as this is when most people become ill.

Suggested as per Dr Batmanghelidj – Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.