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Bee keeping and shungite helps bees again EMF

We are excited to share with you the transformative power of Shungite and how it can enhance the well-being and productivity of your bee colonies.

Shungite, a unique mineral found in Russia, is known for its exceptional properties and has been used for centuries for its healing and protective qualities. One of the remarkable features of Shungite is its ability to absorb and neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR), making it an ideal tool for beekeepers who are concerned about the potential negative effects of EMR on their bee colonies.

Chaotic Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are generated by various electronic devices and can have a detrimental impact on living organisms, including bees. Studies have shown that exposure to EMF can disrupt the natural behavior and navigation abilities of bees, leading to a decline in their overall health and productivity.

By incorporating Shungite into Bee farming practices, one can create a balanced environment for Bees. The unique properties of Shungite allow this rock to absorb and neutralize harmful EMFs. This facilitates a safe and stress-free habitat for Bee colonies to thrive. Shungite is a carbon silicate matrix of mineral complex. The high percentage of carbon in Shungite allows this rock to have renewal properties. Carbon forms the building blocks of life and so there is a beneficial relationship with Bees and Shungite.

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Key Benefits of using NOR (Naturally Optimized Resonance) Technology and Embedded Field Shungite in Bee Keeping: 

  1. Improves Bee Health: Shungite's ability to neutralize EMFs can help reduce stress levels in bees, leading to improved overall health and vitality. This can result in stronger immune systems, increased resistance to diseases, and higher survival rates for Bee colonies.
  2. Optimizes Honey Production: When Bees are exposed to high levels of EMFs, their foraging behavior and honey production can be negatively affected. By implementing our Embedded Field Shungite and Treated materials, you can create an environment that supports optimal foraging and honey production, resulting in higher yields of high-quality honey.
  3. Increased Pollination Efficiency: Bees play a crucial role in pollination, and their ability to navigate and communicate effectively is essential for successful pollination. Our EF shungite can help restore and maintain the natural navigation abilities of bees, leading to increased pollination efficiency and improved crop yields.
  4. Reduced Colony Collapse: Colony collapse disorder is a significant concern for beekeepers worldwide. The use of EF shungite's electromagnetic treatment can help mitigate the factors contributing to colony collapse, such as stress and environmental toxins, resulting in more stable and resilient bee colonies.

Bee's are the Earths major pollinators. They navigate and orientate themselves according to the rhythms of the Earths natural frequencies.

Harmful to Bees

  • Wi-Fi
  • 5G
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals

All of these contribute to CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder

The chaotic wave lengths of harmful EMF distort the Bee's ability to navigate and orientate themselves.

All Beings on Earth are supported by a natural frequency that oscillates at a wave length that maintains their health. Everything has a frequency. Man has created an abundance of harmful frequencies (towers, wifi, pollution) that is destructive to life's natural process's. These frequencies are harmful to bees too. When the environment is obstructed with chaotic frequencies, their immunity is compromised. Their ability to recover, to navigate and overall wellness drops dramatically, making them subject to disease and pests. 

Frequency is the way in which atoms of matter spin around each other. The over all natural frequency of the Earth is called the Schumann Resonance.


Bee Hive Treatment Service

Are you ready to take your beekeeping to the next level? Look no further than our NOR treated bee hives. 

Treated Bee hives are not your ordinary hives. They are embedded with unique subtle vibrations that help to facilitate the perfect environment for your bees to thrive. 

But what exactly does "treated" mean? It means that the Bee hives are exposed to computer generated audio geometric patterns that are mimicked from nature. This treatment is safe for the Bees and does not harm the environment.

By using treated bee hives, you can significantly reduce the risk of colony disorder collapse. This devastating condition has been plaguing beekeepers around the world, causing the loss of entire colonies and threatening the global bee population. But with NOR treated bee hives, you can fight back and protect your bees.

Not only do the treated bee hives promote the health of your bees, but they also improve the overall productivity of your hive. The optimized conditions provided by the subtle vibrations result in increased honey production and stronger, more resilient colonies.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your beekeeping. Upgrade your hives with our treatment service and experience the difference for yourself. Your bees will thank you, and you'll reap the rewards of healthier, more productive hives. We are so confident that we are happy to treat your first hive for free.

Take the risk and be the beekeeper who dares to go above and beyond. Schedule a treatment service for your hives today and embark on a thrilling journey towards beekeeping success


Types of Materials and Suggested Bee Equipment to be Treated


  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Wire
  • Wax
  • Shungite (all our Shungite under goes the NOR process , Making it unique worldwide) 

Bee Equipment:

  • Frames
  • Brood Chamber
  • Foundation - Comb Sheet
  • Smoker
  • Queen Catcher
  • Pollen Trap
  • Queen Cell Protector


Treated Honey




Coming Soon - A range of Treated Honey!

Tristella Earth will soon be launching Honey for sale, that is embedded with coherent geometries, sound and vibration. These biomimetic rhythms enhance the properties of honey, improving the taste, smell and absorption. The Honey we supply goes into a NOR process for 24 hours. We don't just sell the Treatment Service and Shungite to our Bee Keeping clients, in turn we support them by supplying their harvests to the public. By Supporting us you are supporting an ethical food chain of farmers.


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